mint slice cupcakes

mint-slice-6mint-slice-10mint-slice-7Happy Australia Day! ūüź®

Always feels incongruous to be celebrating a day that should be full of summer sunshine, barbecues, beaches and beer with one that is frosty, dark and foggy. The heating is on and I am huddled in a blanket as I type this but I’m thinking summery thoughts!¬†mint-slice-3 Continue reading

mini pandan chiffon cakes

pandan-chiffon-cakes-7pandan-chiffon-cakes-9OK. So, the sentence above may not have made any sense to you. That’s alright. Let’s clear some of that mess of words up.

Pandan = an Indonesian version of vanilla. BUT BETTER BECAUSE IT MAKES EVERYTHING BRIGHT GREEN. Ahem. Sorry.

Chiffon cake = the lightest cake you’ve ever picked up.¬†It’s like eating a washing-up sponge, but obviously much tastier {although can’t say I’ve tried a washing-up sponge}.¬†

Mini = well, hopefully you’re alright on that one.pandan-chiffon-cakes-4 Continue reading

funfetti cookies

funfetti-cookies-1Hello and a happy New Year to you! If you’re looking for healthy-eating inspo, you ain’t gonna find it here…funfetti-cookies-4I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Instagram a little while ago hosted by the¬†awesome¬†Crumbs & Doilies¬†cupcakery in London. They told me they would send me a tea towel, a notebook, and some vouchers. Excitement levels were pretty much through the roof, let me tell ya, because I never win things. {My only proof being that¬†I’ve been entering KitchenAid giveaways for years, with no success ūüėČ }

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the year in review

So¬†my dad asked me¬†to see if I could do a round-up of all the posts I published this year, and not being one to back down from a challenge,¬†let’s have a gander, shall we?

This year I actually took my camera outside and started my Favourite Places series, taking you round a few of my favourite haunts in Bristol: Anna Cake Couture, Boston Tea Party and Bar Chocolat.

I always like a good celebration cake, and I started the year with a knitting-themed carrot cake¬†for my then-housemate Ellen and¬†ended it with a¬†salted caramel and chocolate cake¬†for my¬†now-housemate Alex. There was also a rich, chocolate¬†Valentine’s Cake¬†which featured my first go at Italian meringue buttercream, and a Katherine Sabbath-inspired¬†watercolour drip layer cake¬†which used it too alongside an array of food colouring and lollies from the sweet shop. Continue reading

salted caramel + chocolate layer cake


Three working days left this year… THREE. I am so looking forward to bundling myself onto a CrossCountry train on Thursday and heading north for the holidays.


This will be the first Christmas we’ve had in the U.K. in about six or seven years, so we don’t have many traditions to contend with. My grandparents are going to come and stay for a few days, and I think the rest of the time will be spent going on walks, cooking, eating and watching festive TV. That’s got to be one of the nicest things about being a working woman {LOL, I still can’t believe it} now; this holiday will be just a holiday. There’s no revision or essay writing to be done. That hasn’t been the case in about six or seven years either.


My housemate¬†Alex¬†is a Christmas baby and will be celebrating on the 29th, which never works out well for partying with university friends. I decided for him {he didn’t mind too much, honest ūüėČ } that he’d have a ‘birthday – in – lieu’ on Friday night, and then mentally kicked myself because it meant making a layer cake after work on Wednesday and Thursday night. Trust me, there’s a reason why I now bake on the weekends; lying in bed around midnight with a timer set on my phone for the cake to have just 10 more minutes in the oven ain’t much fun. Continue reading