funfetti layer cake

Here is the antidote to all things January.IMG_8500Happy New Year all! I had a month of holiday in Australia over Christmas which was fab, but I’m now trying to get my head around y’know, going to work again and it being dark and cold 😥IMG_8510I’ve had this massive jar of rainbow sprinkles sitting in the cupboard for a few months now, and thanks to Molly Yeh’s extensive funfetti research, this was the perfect cake to combat the grey weather and dip my toe back in the water. IMG_8476Also I think I may have finally found a good backdrop / lighting situation in the new flat! It only involves moving the sofa across the room, so totally worth it 😉 IMG_8495IMG_8497IMG_8512 Continue reading

butternut squash, spinach, ricotta, goats’ cheese and red onion pie

IMG_8203IMG_8192This is one of my all-time favourite pies, so I have to share it with you. IMG_8205It has many good things: 3 different kinds of cheese, roasted garlic, north African spices,  pretty colours, and it’s vegetarian! Perfect if you’re trying to cut down on meat {as I always am} but are worried you’re going to miss out on the stodge that only a pie can provide.IMG_8162Every time my friend makes this pie it has a different, very offensive message written in pastry on the top, so be glad I’ve saved you from that 🤣IMG_8168

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spiced pumpkin cupcakes

IMG_8278 (3)Oh man, pumpkin purée is like golddust in the UK now. Waitrose used to sell it but that’s the case no longer. I was in London a couple of weekends ago to see my mum and dad {and have a slightly disappointing afternoon tea} so I tracked down an American food store near Holland Park and bought a couple of tins, as well as a giant tub of rainbow sprinkles 😍 I foresee a lot of funfetti in this blog’s future…IMG_8284A couple of days later Mum texted me a picture to say she’d found pumpkin purée in her local Sainsburys, and for £1 a tin, no less {let’s just say that’s considerably less than I paid…}. I could’ve bought some on Amazon I guess, but I don’t know I feel about buying baking supplies off there in general. They obviously have a great selection, but I would prefer to support a local cake decorating place {if only my new hometown had one!}. There used to be a gorgeous shop where I grew up called Imaginative Icing and I could’ve spent hours in there looking at all the little old-fashioned plastic figurines you could buy to decorate your cakes with or the fancy cake tins you could hire. IMG_8275Anyway – back to the star of this show. Pumpkin is a quintessentially autumnal, American flavour and I’m so excited to bake with it over the next few weeks. I am determined to share a pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe with you, as I made them a couple of years ago but didn’t blog them and they were absolutely delish 👌  Continue reading

salted caramel Rolo cookies

IMG_8157I have been here over a month and today is the glorious day that I got my battered old laptop to work again! Hurray! It’s now over 5 years old, which is ancient in tech terms, and doesn’t recognise that WiFi exists. It also sounds a little like a hairdryer and kicks out about as much heat as one. I should probably definitely just buy a new one but I have commitment phobia about dropping that much cash and it takes a lot of effort to get a computer set up just how you like it, amiright? IMG_8156IMG_8150So I will continue to muddle along until it breaks beyond repair and then it will be future Hannah’s problem to choose a new one. IMG_8143IMG_8160In Moving House news, I’m pleased to report that the oven is a babe and I’m sure we will get along famously {despite the fact it doesn’t have a fan, anything is better than my second year oven}. The only issue is that counter space is at a premium so I’m going to have to get better fast at washing up as I go along 😥 Continue reading

cycling in the mountains cake {four tier lemon}

So I packed up ÄNGLAND {that’s right, I got custody of him in the housemate divorce 😥 } and the KitchenAid and all the other crap I’ve accumulated in the past year, and last weekend I moved across the country {thanks Dad!}IMG_8115[1]IMG_8124[1]So much NEWNESS. New centre, new role, new city… IMG_8128[1]Not gonna lie, I am really going to miss Bristol. It will always be the city where I learned to stand on my own two feet, where I fell in love, where I made some great friends and some hilarious memories, and not forgetting where I worked my ass off to get a degree!IMG_8117[1] It feels like a good time to move on though. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like my uni memories need to stay there, and I need to make working life memories somewhere else. IMG_8125[1]I’m waiting for the boyf to move in on Sunday and as he’s not around these evenings toute seule are the perfect opportunity to catch up on some blogging. This cake is the one I made for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. He recently went on a cycling trip to the Alps; the request was for ‘anything but chocolate’ and I’d love to say I came up with the mountains design myself but I shamelessly stole it from Pinterest during my train journey down there. IMG_8130[1]Here’s to new beginnings, my friends, {and pray that my new oven is a nice one!} Continue reading

lime, pistachio + cardamom cake

There are half-full cardboard boxes strewn all around the flat. I have acquired parcel tape and oven cleaner from Wilko. Alex and I have calmly discussed who will get the ÄNGLAND Ikea lamp. Moving day is upon us 😦 IMG_7855I’m also finishing up with my current role at work and had my last meeting with my current team yesterday. They bought me presents {biscuits, a box of Yorkshire tea, a mug and vouchers for Lakeland – they know me well!} and a card and I got a bit emosh reading them on the bus home! 😥IMG_7847 (2) I couldn’t let my last meeting go by without cake – but I didn’t actually bring this one! 😆 I brought more triple chocolate + raspberry brownies. I’m a tad behind on my posting so this cake is from a Graduates’ Together day a month or so ago.


What are we thinking about the photos, by the way? I recently invested in an Expodisc as I used to spend 99% of my blogging time correcting the white balance of my photos. It’s definitely reduced my editing time down to nothing but I kind of miss the moody blue light I got when the clouds were just right in my flat! IMG_7857

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triple chocolate + raspberry brownies

IMG_7941At Uni there used to be this little red tent that popped up each day at about 10am outside the University Gardens and sold THE BEST sandwiches. A Red Tent sandwich was a treat – but it was also super affordable. Brie and bacon, tuna and cucumber, falafel, sweet chilli chicken, New York deli, cheese and onion, roasted veggies and goats’ cheese, pulled pork… all on the freshest white or brown seeded rolls. They also did squares of focaccia, studded with herbs or tomatoes, and rocky road and flapjacks and crisps and other bits and pieces.

The highlight without a doubt though, were the brownies. Glorious, fudgy, stuffed with chocolate. I tended to buy the plain ones as they were awesome enough but there were also salted caramel versions and ones studded with raspberries and occasionally a limited edition peanut butter. We’d finish a lecture on trypanosomes or plant viruses, walk back to base {aka. the Life Sciences Building}, attempt a hostile takeover of a ‘pod’ {a glass box of a room with a few chairs and maybe a beanbag if my friend Ellen needed a nap} from the first years, then decide that actually all we really needed before pretending to starting work on our dissertations was a brownie. IMG_7933You had to be tactical about it though. Go to the tent between 10-to and 10-past and you’d be mown down by the crowds of people swapping lectures, and the queue would wind down the road.  Continue reading