Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’m a Yorkshire-Australian cross, calling England home {although Australia will always have my heart}

Inspired by my favourite baking blogs, I’m constantly striving to learn new techniques, improve my food photography and keep my housemates on a constant sugar high.

Likes: coffee dates, frangipani flowers, the beach, the Great British Bake Off, loose leaf tea

Dislikes: mushrooms, commuting in the dark

Please note: {I’m a lawyer’s daughter and love a disclaimer}

I am very much an amateur baker – this blog is my space to try out recipes that I’ve found and give things a go. It’s the online equivalent of my Mum’s red recipe book, which I loved flicking through as a kid – full of recipes cut and pasted from magazines; tried, tested and annotated with handwritten notes around the margins.

I very rarely make something more than once, so I can’t promise you perfect results. If I’ve used someone else’s recipe {in its entirety or as a base for something else} I will always link to it or tell you which cookbook it’s from.

Similarly, if you’ve used one of my recipes, it’s only polite to link back to it.

Blogging is a bit of a weird one-sided relationship so please let me know if you’ve made something, if you’ve enjoyed it, and a bit about yourself! Thanks! 😘

A few of my favourite bakes: 

… and a few of my favourite baking blogs:

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