Favourite Places: Anna Cake Couture


This is one of those places for which the boyfriend has coined the term ‘Hannah-y’. It describes a place that includes {but is not limited to} : copper decorations, plants, vintage-style filament lightbulbs, loose leaf teas and a whole lot of pretty cakes.


I can’t ever just walk past the window.


One of the things that makes Anna unique is the open kitchen. You can quite happily while away the hours watching the team at work, creating all the gorgeous pâtisserie that’s for sale each day, as well as jaw-dropping celebration cakes. Their Instagram is well worth a follow for that very reason!


The space out the back is small and cosy, and usually full of people. My usual game-plan is to shimmy onto one of those barstools overlooking the kitchen and keep an eye on the rest of the floor in case someone moves. During the summer months the café spills out onto the street to open up some more space, and it’s glorious in the sunshine…

Unlike the subject of my last Favourite Places post –  the veritable institution Boston Tea Party – Anna is relatively new to the Bristol café scene. I remember nearly dying when I saw that they were hiring a trainee pastry chef… alas, I was in the middle of writing my dissertation last year. ‘Twas not meant to be!


Possibly due to the intricacy of the cakes, or the very grown-up colour scheme, I always feel very sophisticated when I go to Anna. It’s definitely a once-in-a-while treat; so that when you go, you do it right and order a slab {albeit very elegant slab} of cake and proper cup of tea.

Recommendations: everything I’ve tried so far has been ace: raspberry layer cake, lemon meringue pie, victoria sponge gateau.

Anna, Cake Couture: 7a Boyces Avenue, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4AA

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