Favourite Places: Boston Tea Party

BTP 1 BTP 3You didn’t think I’d forgotten about our cafe crawl, did you? If you missed our first stop, you can catch up and grab some cheesecake at Bar Chocolat.

The first time I went to Boston Tea Party was for my birthday in first year. I’d been at university for about 3 weeks and frankly, my head was still spinning with all the newness. My newly acquired besties dragged me out of halls to take my mind off homesickness and eat scones {it was just what I needed}. Since then, I’ve been countless times. It’s a favourite place for catch-ups, committee meetings, dates, and even an afternoon of exam revision.BTP 4The original BTP (founded in 1995) is at the top of Park Street, and there are 4 other locations around the city. To date, I think I’ve been to all but one of them! Each has a slightly different character to match its neighbourhood. The pictures in this post are from the cafe on Whiteladies Road, which is my nearest this year, but Park Street remains my firm favourite. When you first walk in, you don’t think there’s much to it, but it’s got a beautiful terrace garden out the back and a gorgeous suntrap of an upstairs with all the comfy sofas your heart could desire.BTP 2From the time we saw a naked guy wandering around the Italian restaurant opposite, to the first time I met my fellow Baking Society co-founders, I’ve taken my parents, boyfriend and best mates and laughed til my stomach hurt, countless times. It is truly a legendary location in my eyes.

The food is great, whether you’re looking for a slice of cake with a perfectly-crafted latte {each barista has a different art style, with polaroids of their work on the wall}, a burger, a smoothie or pancakes, it’s all here. BTP for life ❤BTP 6 BTP 5Recommendations: Lamb Kofta Pitta {pictured above}, lemon drizzle cake, blueberry & ginger smoothie, white hot chocolate, bacon & butternut squash soup, the chips {!!!}

Boston Tea Party: Locations around the South West

2 thoughts on “Favourite Places: Boston Tea Party

    • Yeah it’s a lovely place – unique in that it’s a very successful chain round here but still individual and homely. Would love to see your recommendations around Yorkshire!
      Hannah 🙂


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