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Hello! I hope this post finds you all happy and well! Any resolutions for the new year? I’ve loved reading about my fellow bloggers’ resolutions but I’m a little ashamed to say that I haven’t come up with anything particularly profound of my own. The usual applies I suppose… read more, do more yoga, try and appreciate my time at uni as much as possible!

It’s worth mentioning that I have five university exams on the horizon, and whilst ‘procrastibaking’ is a skill I’ve honed over GCSEs, A levels and first year, my head is firmly focussed on passing those rather than baking up a storm this month. I hope that you’ll forgive me!

It’s with those sentiments in mind that I have a different sort of post today. I do love a good inspirational post – particularly in the depths of January – so I’m sharing a quick list of the bakers that inspire me most. It’s by no means exhaustive – I find new favourites, particularly on Instagram, all the time – but these ladies are ones I’ve been following for a long time. Their new posts are ones that I always look forward to. You may have heard of all of them, or none; I hope they provide some inspiration if that’s what you need, or a new source of food porn if nothing else! 😉

Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction

Photos from Sally’s Baking Addiction and Instagram (@sallysbakeblog)
If you made me pick a favourite (and that would be a very mean thing to do) then Sally’s blog would probably be it. I love her style of writing, her photography and her recipes. Everything is approachable yet detailed and thought through. It’s fair to say SBA recipes account for a considerable portion of my to-do list; I can highly recommend the cookie recipes I’ve tried so far! I received her first cookbook for Christmas and have already earmarked a few things I want to try, ASAP.

Blog: Sally’s Baking Addiction; Facebook: here; Instagram: @sallysbakeblog

Linda of Call Me Cupcake

Photos from Instagram (@linda_lomelino)
Another addition to my cookbook collection for Christmas was Lomelino’s Cakes. Her newest book ‘Sweet Food and Photography’ has been recently translated from the author’s native Swedish and it’s definitely on my wishlist! Call Me Cupcake is truly beautiful. I don’t feel the need to say anything more!

Blog: Call Me Cupcake; Facebook: here; Instagram: @linda_lomelino

Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land

Photos from Instagram (@cococakeland)

Vancouver-based Lyndsay was a relatively new find for me but I was very quickly won over! She is the queen of adorable animal cakes as well as beautiful 90s-inspired neon numbers and edible floral creations. Swoon.


Blog: Coco Cake Land; Facebook: here; Instagram: @cococakeland

Katherine Sabbath

Photos from Instagram (@katherine_sabbath)
As far as I’m aware, this lady doesn’t have a blog so I have to contend with her awe-inspiring Instagram feed. ‘Unicorn’ cheesecakes, giant ice cream cakes and chocolate teeth – it’s all there. She’s a high school teacher, baking the world a better place!
The only recipe I could find (but ain’t it a beauty): Persian love cake
Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes

Photos from Instagram (@stephcookie)

Raspberri Cupcakes was one of the first pro baking blogs that I found, and was probably my gateway blog, now that I think about it! As Steph is Sydney-based, I love that many of the recipes have an Australian twist, incorporating ingredients like TimTams, Milo and Mint Slice biscuits.


Favourite posts: purple sprinkle ombre cakepenguin macaronsfried chicken cookie pop cakeblueberry swirl cake

Blog: Raspberri Cupcakes; Facebook: here; Instagram: @stephcookie

Jennie of Scarletscorchdroppers

Photos from Scarletscorchdroppers and Instagram (@jenniecranberry)

Some of my favourite recipes on Tolley Bakes have been originally from Jennie’s blog (chocolate and orange cake, anyone?). Her blog is effectively what I hope mine will be like some day! She’s been travelling from Hong Kong back to the UK over the past few months, but has still been posting beautiful recipes.


Blog: Scarletscorchdroppers; Facebook: here; Instagram: @jenniecranberry

Caroline of Nectar and Stone

Photos from Instagram (@nectarandstone)

Another relatively new find for me, but when I look at my ‘liked’ photos on Instagram, they’re predominantly from this feed. There are the signature little pyramid chocolates in every colour, as well as macarons, cakes and biscuits. As it’s summer in Australia currently, you can also drool over the stunning summery desserts, flowers and fruit, as well as the beach photos! Caroline has recently announced that she will be opening a cakery in Melbourne so that Nectar + Stone will have a permanent home; next time I’m down that way I’ll be sure to check it out!

 Website: nectar and stone; Instagram: @nectarandstone

Are there any bakers that you think I should check out? There’s always room in my heart and blogroll for more 😉

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