rhubarb crumble muffins

IMG_8749I’ve spent most of this week away from home at a work conference and seeing as the cold weather is back {#minibeastfromtheeast – which by the way makes me think it’s a ladybird from Russia or something; who else remembers lessons about minibeasts in primary school?} I am in full hibernation mode today and plan to do blog admin, drink tea and not really leave the flat unless I have to. IMG_8741IMG_8766I’ve just been updating the recipe list pages and realised I had no links to add to the Muffins + Puddings page, so it’s just as well that the recipe I have for you today is for these lush rhubarb crumble muffins, and I can happily tick both of those boxes. IMG_8747As I’ve noted before, fruit is not really a strong point of this blog so it always feels like a win to get some into a post. Hopefully I’ve not missed rhubarb season entirely so you can still have a go at these or my other rhubarb recipeIMG_8757 Continue reading

zebra cake

IMG_8733IMG_8700*No zebras were harmed in the making of this cake

This is my virtual entry to this year’s Canberra show, where the special category was a zebra cake {although I read the rules after I baked it, and it was supposed to be just one layer and undecorated #rebelwithoutacause 🤘}IMG_8726IMG_8711I come from a line of show bakers and so Mum tasked me with giving this a go pre-show so that I could report back to The Fam. It’s a riff on a marble cake with a delish chocolate buttercream icing. I unashamedly ate the icing at work during a Monday morning slump in productivity and the resulting sugar high was glorious. Both recipes are courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction.IMG_8727 Continue reading

Katherine Sabbath’s Persian love cake

❤ ❤ ❤IMG_8684I have been wanting to make a Katherine Sabbath cake for soooooo long! I was one of the funders for her amazing pop-up cookbook which arrived last Autumn and every so often I open it and ooh and ahh / show it off to unsuspecting visitors like an overly proud grandma with her brag book. I think she’s almost sold them all so if you know a baker in your life who deserves a beautiful present, check them out!

The recipe did not disappoint. I’ve had a few trials and tribulations with mud cakes in the past but I think the addition of almonds to the cake batter made it a lot lighter and it only took half an hour to bake. IMG_8679It has been a busy week this week. I started going to beginner tap classes in November, and I have absolutely loved them. They resulted in a routine to Puttin’ on the Ritz as part of the dance society’s annual show this week, which was essentially all of my dance dreams come true. There are gemstones from my sparkly waistcoat all around the flat, and I even found some stuck to my arm {who knows how long they’d been there}. Continue reading


IMG_8565IMG_8560Bread is so great ❤

It’s never top of my to-bake list though, and I think that’s because it’s never quite as visually impressive as a fancy layer cake. Let’s be honest, these photos are a whole lot of brown. But get bread right, and you can eat it for every single meal with a fraction of the guilt/toothache that you would for cake.IMG_8549There’s something so satisfying about making it yourself as well. Getting some little microorganisms to do your bidding for a few hours {sorry, clearly a little bit drunk on power there} is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s also a lot less effort than you think it will be – I reckon hands-on time for this recipe is probably only 25 minutes max. – which makes this perfect for chill Sunday mornings in your PJs. IMG_8557New year’s res that I might actually stick to: bake more bread! Continue reading

funfetti layer cake

Here is the antidote to all things January.IMG_8500Happy New Year all! I had a month of holiday in Australia over Christmas which was fab, but I’m now trying to get my head around y’know, going to work again and it being dark and cold 😥IMG_8510I’ve had this massive jar of rainbow sprinkles sitting in the cupboard for a few months now, and thanks to Molly Yeh’s extensive funfetti research, this was the perfect cake to combat the grey weather and dip my toe back in the water. IMG_8476Also I think I may have finally found a good backdrop / lighting situation in the new flat! It only involves moving the sofa across the room, so totally worth it 😉 IMG_8495IMG_8497IMG_8512 Continue reading

butternut squash, spinach, ricotta, goats’ cheese and red onion pie

IMG_8203IMG_8192This is one of my all-time favourite pies, so I have to share it with you. IMG_8205It has many good things: 3 different kinds of cheese, roasted garlic, north African spices,  pretty colours, and it’s vegetarian! Perfect if you’re trying to cut down on meat {as I always am} but are worried you’re going to miss out on the stodge that only a pie can provide.IMG_8162Every time my friend makes this pie it has a different, very offensive message written in pastry on the top, so be glad I’ve saved you from that 🤣IMG_8168

Continue reading

spiced pumpkin cupcakes

IMG_8278 (3)Oh man, pumpkin purée is like golddust in the UK now. Waitrose used to sell it but that’s the case no longer. I was in London a couple of weekends ago to see my mum and dad {and have a slightly disappointing afternoon tea} so I tracked down an American food store near Holland Park and bought a couple of tins, as well as a giant tub of rainbow sprinkles 😍 I foresee a lot of funfetti in this blog’s future…IMG_8284A couple of days later Mum texted me a picture to say she’d found pumpkin purée in her local Sainsburys, and for £1 a tin, no less {let’s just say that’s considerably less than I paid…}. I could’ve bought some on Amazon I guess, but I don’t know I feel about buying baking supplies off there in general. They obviously have a great selection, but I would prefer to support a local cake decorating place {if only my new hometown had one!}. There used to be a gorgeous shop where I grew up called Imaginative Icing and I could’ve spent hours in there looking at all the little old-fashioned plastic figurines you could buy to decorate your cakes with or the fancy cake tins you could hire. IMG_8275Anyway – back to the star of this show. Pumpkin is a quintessentially autumnal, American flavour and I’m so excited to bake with it over the next few weeks. I am determined to share a pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe with you, as I made them a couple of years ago but didn’t blog them and they were absolutely delish 👌  Continue reading